Jump start your professional goals in 2021

The AD EX awards a variety of scholarships and fellowships to support the next generation of architects, providing tuition support and travel and research project funds to high school and college architecture students, as well as architects just beginning their careers.

We’ve compiled reasons for you to submit an application to our 2021 fellowship and scholarship programs. These scholarships offer support for your educational and professional development needs, whether they are at home, nearby or abroad.


Start making some travel plans

As we begin 2021, there is a new world emerging in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the uncertainty that the pandemic has caused, the requirements of our travel fellowships have been loosened and extended. Whether you are planning a research project closer to home, or are ready to go abroad and explore again, these scholarships can help get you there.

\ Mary Kolb Berglund Traveling Fellowship ($2,000)

\ McDermott Traveling Fellowship ($2,000)

\ Swank Traveling Fellowship ($2,000)


Create Creative Landscape Expressions

If this past years events have inspired you to explore more artistic avenues in your work or research, the Bill Millsap Fellowship, is intended to inspire students and young professionals to study the intersections of art, landscape architecture, culture, and personal relationships. Creativity and experimentation are encouraged.

\ The Bill Millsap Fellowship: The Art of Landscape Architecture ($2,500)


Increase Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the profession

Multiple scholarships are there to support students in North Texas who are pursuing degrees in the architecture field. Local firms, nonprofits, and AIA members are seeking out ways to provide financial aid to minority students with the belief that supporting these students will lead to a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive world.

\ Latinos in Architecture Scholarship ($2,000)

\ Diversity in Architecture Scholarship ($3,000)

\ DSGN Scholarship Toward an Equitable Architecture ($3,000)

\ HKS Equitable Design Scholarship ($6,000)


Women Supporting Women

Leadership and drive are essential character traits needed to get ahead in the architecture field. For women with 5 or more years of experience looking to advance in their professional career, the AIA Dallas Women in Architecture Committee has established a Professional Development Fund to support two recipients in attending conferences, workshops, and other leadership and networking events in 2021.

\ Women in Architecture Professional Development Fund ($1,000)


A Graduation Gift to CityLab High School’s First Graduating Class

New this year are two scholarships that will benefit the first graduating class at CityLab High School! Students who want to continue to pursue degrees in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, planning, engineering and other related fields can apply for these financial aid options.

\ CityLab High School Scholarship ($5,000)

\ Peter Goldstein Founder’s Scholarship ($5,875 annually for 4 years or $4,700 annually for 5 years)


Continuing The Legacy Of Aggie Leadership

Pat Yates Spillman, FAIA made many memorable contributions to the City of Dallas, the Texas architectural community and the many non‐profit organizations that he supported through his life. Current students at Texas A&M can apply to continue his legacy of leadership.

\ Pat Yates Spillman Scholarship ($1,000)


We hope you will consider applying for one or more of these opportunities and share this information with others that you think can benefit! If you have any questions about these fellowship and scholarship opportunities or need assistance with the application process, please contact us at info@dallasadex.org.

Esperamos que consideres solicitar a una o varias de estas becas universitarias. Por favor, también comparte esta información con quiénes creas que puedan beneficiarse de estas oportunidades. Si tienes alguna pregunta acerca de estas becas o necesitas ayuda con la solicitud, por favor contáctanos a info@dallasadex.org.