A Message from the AD EX

Dear Supporters and Friends:

We at the AD EX are grateful for the many friends that have reached out to us over the past few days – first, to notify us of the damage to our windows, then to check in on us and offer their time and assistance. Thankfully, our space and its contents suffered no damage.

As we reflect on the events of the past week, we share in the grief and anger and stand in solidarity with protestors against violence and injustice. Now more than ever before, we need unity and understanding. Our presence downtown is intentional – we selected a home in the heart of our city to effect change through the power of design and sharing its impact on our communities and our lives.  Architects seek not only to design buildings, but to lead their own communities toward better lives. However, it is only by addressing social divisiveness and inequity that we can build healthy, safe, and livable communities for all.

Through our programs, exhibitions, and scholarships, we will seek to listen, stand up for justice, and take notice of where injustice meets the built environment to further assist in dismantling years of structural and systemic racism. It is our goal to broaden the reach and impact of architecture through increased equity, diversity, and inclusion within the architecture and design professions and through the richness of the many voices that make up our communities.