At-Home Activities

For Children of All Ages!

At AD EX, we are passionate about the future of our built environment. An important part of the AD EX mission is to foster curiosity in future generations as they interact with architecture and design in the world around them. We’ve created and compiled some at-home K-12 activities to inspire, encourage, and educate students about architecture while highlighting the importance of creative problem solving.


For Children of All Ages!

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The Amazing ACE Race

Designed for multiple participants, but can be done alone
Set up eight different stations and learn different skills at each of them!
Race Pipeline Sheet 1
Race Pipeline Sheet 2
Race Pipeline Sheet 3

Space Planning and the Bubble Diagram

Create a space plan and bubble diagram to execute floor plans and design your own home or building!

Spaghetti Structural Engineering

Create a structure with defined load paths for gravity forces with spaghetti and marshmallows and gain a basic understanding of the dynamic forces experienced by structures such as bridges.

Nike Shoe Box

Renovate and decorate your own Nike store!
Nike Shoe Box Cutout

Design a Dome

Design a domed structure strong enough to support 60 pennies on top and make connections to both engineering and science.

Designing Highway Interchanges

Design a highway interchange that allows drivers to approach from any highway and leave by any highway without crossing any lanes of traffic.

Penny Bridge Activity

Can you build a bridge that holds 100 pennies, using 1 sheet of paper and up to 5 paper clips?

Strong Paper Structure

Build a newspaper structure strong enough to hold heavy books.

Build a Straw Bridge

Using tape and no more than 20 straws, design a bridge that can span a gap of at least 25 cm and support as many pennies as possible!

Amazing Cities Coloring Book

This is a free, public download of nearly 200 pages of Gensler-designed project designs and sketches that offer a peek into the architectural process, while also serving as a creative escape for children and adults.


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