Building Toys & Toy Buildings: BRICKITECTURE

January 4, 2023 - February 18, 2023

Lincoln Logs, TinkerToys, Erector Sets, LEGO, and, of course, the humble wooden block – the timeline of the toys that we’ve used to build our fantasy buildings, towns, and towers is long and varied. However, one stands out for the love and creativity it inspires within its millions of fans of all ages.

The Building Toys & Toy Buildings: BRICKITECTURE exhibition, guest curated by Blane Ladymon, AIA, explores some of the most famous architectural icons built in micro-scale using the toy building brick. Approximately 105 sets of micro-builds, make your own creation study models, LEGO Architecture Series, LEGO Architecture Skylines, and Atom Bricks sets are on display, all from the curator’s personal collection. Many sets have been finished out with LED lighting to bring the models to life. The sets vary in scale and complexity, from 35-piece models to one of the new additions to the collection, the 10,055-piece Sagrada Familia. The 2022/2023 exhibition features 25 new sets totaling an additional 35,000 pieces. New highlights include the Great Pyramid of Giza, Eiffel Tower and Eiffel’s apartment, the London Eye, and the LEGO HQ Campus, a limited-edition employee gift, among many others.

Through this exhibition, experience the connections between play, design, and the work of architects, engineers, and other building professionals. While the exhibit itself is hands-off, guests can visit our LEGO Lab construction zone to create and display their own masterpiece! Test your design skills and build your dream home, the tallest skyscraper, a treehouse, spaceship…anything you can dream up!