Current Exhibitions

Join the AD EX as AIA Dallas’ Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition and Unbuilt Design Awards finalists are displayed together in a joint exhibition titled vision / imagination. Both competitions explore the boundaries of our world and beyond while showcasing innovative technologies, methods, and original design to clearly communicate ideas and emotions. The exhibition is a celebration of ingenuity and creativity.

AIA Dallas Unbuilt Design Awards
The Unbuilt Design Awards offer a unique glimpse into the future of design and architects’ visions for the built environment. With projects ranging from speculative buildings, banks, health facilities, and single-family homes, to experimental studies meant to provoke thought and further discussion, the Unbuilt Awards offer a diversity in design. These awards have the unique ability to generate dialogue surrounding the direction of the profession and the future that architects envision in Dallas and beyond. While the Built Design Awards recognize the skill and craft of executing a beautiful and functional building, the Unbuilt Awards program is a celebration of ideas.

AIA Dallas Student Design Awards
It is in the spirit of the celebration of ideas that 2021 marks the 4th year of the Student Award category of the AIA Dallas Design Awards program. There is nothing like the free exploration of ideas, form, and space that occurs within the academic studio. This program strives to open a dialogue between the professional and academic realms in Dallas, with both having much to gain from increased collaboration. The students were given the same submission requirements as the professional entries, and the competition is open tony student enrolled in an architecture program in Texas.

AIA Dallas Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition
The 48th annual AIA Dallas Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition (KRob) is the longest running architectural drawing competition in the world. Organized by the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects since 1974, the Ken Roberts Competition awards prizes to original works by both professionals and students that best represent the current state of architecturally inspired drawings produced by hand, digitally, or a combination of both. Entries are judged in several categories (digital/hybrid media, hand delineation, travel sketch, physical delineation, and animation) by a jury that has included renowned architects, designers, educators, and artists from around the world.

Join us in celebrating CityLab with a special exhibition highlighting student projects over the past five years. Projects include the CityLab Founders Gate, FD19 Bus Stop, kiosk from AIA Dallas’ RETROSPECT show, and many more.

You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to see how CityLab is impacting our city!