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Building Toys & Toy Buildings: LEGO Architecture Edition

Lincoln Logs, TinkerToys, Erector Sets, LEGO, and, of course, the humble wooden block – the timeline of the toys that we’ve used to build our fantasy buildings, towns, and towers is long and varied. However, one stands out for the love and creativity it inspires within its millions of fans of all ages. This exhibition, guest curated by Blane Ladymon, AIA, explores some of the most famous architectural icons built in micro-scale using the LEGO block. 77 sets of micro-builds, make your own creation study models, LEGO Architecture series, LEGO Architecture Skylines, and Atom Bricks sets are on display, all from the curator’s personal collection. Many sets have been finished out with LED lighting to bring the model to life. The sets vary greatly in scale and complexity, from 35-piece models to one of the highlights of the collection, the new 9,036-piece Mega Creator Set of the Colosseum. The Colosseum model features three stories, adorned with columns of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders while the attic is decorated with Corinthian pilasters. Learn more about its construction here. LEGO is not just a building block. It is movies, Legoland play parks, LEGO education and discovery centers, DUPLO, theme sets (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Friends, Technic, etc.), video games, and much, much more. While LEGO is primarily a family-owned business, it has inspired the imagination of the world. From LEGO Master Builders, social media fans, conventions, and traveling exhibitions, LEGO is an iconic pillar in the lives of children and adults, globally. Did you know LEGO architecture can even become real life? Learn about a few examples here:

Through this exhibition, viewers begin to see the connections between play, design, and the work of architects, engineers, and other building professionals. While we wish we could welcome you into the AD EX, we remain closed due to Covid-19. Please enjoy our window exhibition – we look forward to welcoming you in the spring.



Guest Curator: Blane Ladymon, AIA, Managing Member at Domi Works

We offer our tremendous thanks to Blane for loaning his personal collection, as well as for the countless hours spent building and installing. Special thanks:

  • Arthur Fields
  • Preston Fitzgerald



SOLD OUT! Bring Home the Joy of LEGO: Micro-Build Kit



We are excited to release a limited edition micro-build kit for you to bring home the magic of LEGO. This 65-piece set, “An Architect’s Winter Retreat,” is available for purchase now! We encourage you to visit the window exhibition and pick-up your kit today, or select our shipping option. You will also receive a LEGO architect and accessories. Don’t wait, there are a limited number of sets available.



We know that LEGO and building toys are beloved worldwide and we are delighted to explore a few of the endless creation possibilities!

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