Introducing the Women in Architecture Professional Development Fund

As a young professional, networking events and conferences play a vital role in staying connected with the who’s who of the industry and being informed on industry developments. However, participation at times can be difficult as the overall cost of attendance including registration, accommodation, and travel can be expensive. Participating in these important industry events is therefore difficult for many professionals whose firm might cover the cost of registration while the attendee must pay out of pocket to cover the additional costs.

The AIA Dallas Women in Architecture (WiA) Network’s vision is to empower women to impact their practice, profession, and community. They felt that it was time to introduce a scholarship that would allow professional women to broaden their horizons without the financial burden.



With that purpose in mind, this professional fund will award women in the architecture field who have shown exceptional leadership and drive in empowering those around them. The fund will assist in sending women to local and national design conferences (AIA Women’s Leadership Summit, AIA National Convention, NOMA Conference, Leadership Dallas, etc.) to further their education as a working professional.

The flexibility of the fund allows the recipient to continue to learn, provide choices to motivate women to stick to the profession by encouraging them to be a part of the larger community, learn essential tools of the trade from seasoned women in architecture, and through this journey, attain your desired goals of experience, success, and leadership. We hope that WiA can be a part of your success journey by providing you the choice of application to this fund.




  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the field of architecture or design
  • Current member or associate member of the AIA
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident and resident of the state of Texas
  • Demonstrate a desire to advance personal career in the field of architecture or design


  • Application form and essay
  • 2 letters of recommendation


Fund must be used in the year it is awarded. During the conference/program, awardee will post a minimum of one social media post per day documenting their findings.  After the conference/program, awardee will write a blog post and present to WiA network members, at a network event, their findings from their conference within 60 days of the conference. After the conference/program, awardee will submit a reimbursement form to the Foundation for portions of travel and program fees.


Jury for the award will be comprised of the current AIA Dallas Women in Architecture (WiA) Network chair and one selected WiA network member, and members of the Architecture and Design Foundation (ADF) Scholarship Selection Committee. Recipients will be approved by the ADF Board of Directors.